2020 Demo Day

December 8, 2020 9:36 am
Written by: StartOut

Our recent Demo Day event allowed us to see some of our most innovative LGBTQ+ startups demonstrate their product, discuss their go-to-market strategy and pitch for future fundraising rounds in front of our judges. Our participating companies included a range of industries from healthcare to music to real estate. Learn more about our winner, OpticSurg, and the other amazing companies who made their pitch.

Congratulations to Our Winner


Dr. Tran Tu Huynh (she/her), Founder & President

A health tech startup whose mission is to give surgeons the tools they need to do their jobs better, minimize complications, and save lives. Visit website.


Meet Our Other Participating Startups

DuMarkus Davis (he/him), Founder & CEO

Musicbuk is a music education platform that connects prospective music learners with world-class local music educators. Visit Website.




Craig Lyn (he/him), Founder & CEO

Using the MuvnDay app, create a digital experience that streamlines and simplifies the move-in process for both you and your residents. Visit Website.



Tall Poppy
Leigh Honeywell (she/her), Co-Founder & CEO

Tall Poppy builds tools and services to help companies protect their employees from online harassment and abuse. Visit Website.



Oscar Pedroso (he/him), Founder & CEO

Thimble teaches kids (ages 10+) engineering and programming through a subscription kit service and an online learning portal with easy-to-follow tutorials. Visit Website.



Meghan OLeary (she/her), Co-Founder & CCO

Turazo puts the human element back into hiring with an inclusive, relationship-based approach. Connect your employees with future talent. Visit Website.


Thank You to Our Host & Judges


Thank You to Our Sponsors