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Economic empowerment matters!

Today the whole country is anxious about the uncertainty of what’s to come – and I am no exception. Once the dust settles, though – will a pragmatic course prevail? Will the country be favorable to our entrepreneurs? Or will LGBTQ rights and opportunities be set back by decades? No one knows.

I do know for sure, though, that you as an entrepreneur have a voice. A powerful voice. Your economic strength, your hiring power, your purchasing decisions, your influence over jobs and careers, your own financial success, your personal influence on the company culture where your employees spend the majority of their waking hours – your own success is a hard-earned enduring antidote to uncertain times. Success creates independence and resilience. Success shapes your immediate environment, whatever headwinds you may face.

We are determined to redouble our efforts to help accelerate your success through networking, mentoring, access to capital, research and education. We are an inclusive, apolitical non-profit organization and celebrate our diversity. And we have an unwavering conviction that our community’s success matters. We fight for equal opportunity for our entrepreneurs wherever we can. In blue states and in red states. In big cities and rural areas. And today more so than ever.

You, as a part of this powerful network, can do what I see you do so well every day – double down on supporting each other and exercising your influence at every occasion.

I am deeply grateful for your tremendous efforts to empower our community – and thus render it much less dependent on other people’s decisions. We’ve built an online community and host events to do just that. Let me know how else we can help you. Full and unqualified equality is what we fight for. Together. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our online StartOut Community is live for you to support each other. Make use of this platform or any other that suits you. If you haven’t signed up yet, I invite you to sign up today to meet others in our growing community.