Chris Davidson Joins StartOut Experts in Fundraising & Sales

March 10, 2018 4:57 pm
Written by: StartOut

Chris Davidson

StartOut welcomes our new Fundraising and Sales Expert, Chris Davidson. Chris has a unique perspective in understanding both how to raise capital and how to meet investor’s needs in the sales process.

About Chris Davidson

On the capital raising side, Chris raised over $400M throughout his career in real estate, hedge fund and startups.  On the investing side, Chris worked at a family office where he invested in various types of industries (Technology, Biotech, Medical Devices, Fintech, etc.) during seed and early stages of a company’s formation.

Potential topics for Chris’s Office Hours:

–  Key Sales Tips

–  Presentation Faux Pas

–  Sales Training

–  Body Language

–  Story Telling Critique

–  Pitchdeck Assistance


Chris’s Office Hours Availability

Tuesdays and Wednesdays/ 09:00AM – 11:30AM PST