Announcing Jason Kelley Marketing & Design Office Hours

February 13, 2018 4:59 pm
Written by: StartOut

Jason Kelley / Founder / Ootem

StartOut welcomes our new Marketing and Design Expert, Jason Kelley of Oōtem. Founded in 2011, Oōtem is a team filled with senior talent that constantly challenges each other– to discover new models and ideas, make each other laugh harder, and to create outcomes that really work for their clients.

About Jason Kelley

Jason has 25 years of marketing experience. He began his marketing career at Microsoft. Over the years he has reached the highest levels of both national agencies and at publishers. His experience with brands runs the gamut from traditional brick and mortar to digital and beyond. Jason is devoted to his friends & family and is a lover of languages (yes, Icelandic is one), an avid traveler, an investor, and quite possibly the biggest Eurovision fan the world has ever seen.

Potential topics for Jason’s Office Hours:

Brand and brand identity:

– Logo/wordmark review

– How to create brand guidelines and a style guide

– Corporate collateral – business cards to presentation materials to one-sheets

– The fundamentals of identifying your brand position


– How to create a marketing plan

– Identifying your core consumer

– Social media marketing

– SEO/ASO optimization, audits, and plans

– Creating a SEM plan

– CRM-when, how often, and why

– Tactics for paid media

– Media tracking/reporting best practices

– Crafting an editorial calendar

Jason’s Office Hours Availability

Tuesdays / 10:00AM – 3:30PM PST

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