Growth & Funding Strategist and Active StartOut Forum Contributor – Ron Flavin


If you’ve ever visited the StartOut Entrepreneur Forum, you can’t miss Ron Flavin. Ron has been one of our most active members and selfless contributors, sharing his advice from decades of business success across all kinds of verticals. Ron is a Growth & Funding Strategist helping founders and businesses raise capital to propel growth. And if that isn’t enough, Ron also happens to be one of the top grant writers in the nation. Ron kindly spent a few minutes with StartOut to share more about his background, what he does, how he helps LGBTQ entrepreneurs and businesses, and what being a StartOut member means to him.

Tell us a little bit more about your business and what you do. I bill myself as a Growth & Funding Strategist. What that means is I help entrepreneurs and of course startups and businesses to launch or to grow. A lot of what I do revolves around securing funding and setting the terms for investment. I’ve brought in well over a billion dollars in funding but stopped counting when I hit $200M.

What makes you unique from others in your line of work? Because I work for a number of different public and private investors helping them make decisions about which projects, companies, and organizations to invest in and in what capacity, I understand directly what funders are looking for. What I do differently is I work from and use an inside-out approach that comes from my really diverse business experience. I make sure that all the foundational elements are there with a startup and their pitch. Most strategists can help create a pretty presentation but many won’t pass through due diligence.

Any recent successes you’d like to share with StartOut? One of my most recent and happiest successes has been advising a 15 year-old founder with a great idea. I helped build out his business model and to get on “Shark Tank.” I coached him. Today I sit on his Advisory Board along with Mark Cuban. Another success — I also recently helped an elderly woman of color from being a $50K in sales company to landing on the shelves of Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and knocking out the number two national competitor using my inside-out approach. Nobody was taking her seriously which was a shame.

With what kinds of entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations do you work best? I always fight for the underdog — that’s always been something that’s been really really important to me. So I like working with people and organizations who nobody else wants to help or nobody else wants to work with. Those are the kinds of companies and founders that I really seek out. The LGBTQ community is definitely an underdog.

Why StartOut? I first became aware of StartOut when I was looking to make a personal donation. Over the past year, I definitely am very enthusiastic and very pleased to see the changes with StartOut. I love being in a place where I would be able to really help an LGBTQ entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and grow their businesses.

Are you an underdog startup or business? Then reach out to Ron directly through his website or start conversing with him in the StartOut Entrepreneur Forum.