June 2018
StartOut Showcase

July 12, 2018 12:22 am
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Happy Pride Month from all of us at StartOut! We hope your month is filled with festivities, unity, & celebrating one another. This month’s Showcase(formally known as Snippets) features John Furth, Bospar, LGBTQutie, Larkin/Volpatt Communications, & Thrive Natural Care.



John Furth 

Book Release: Owning Tomorrow

From StartOut member John Furth

John Furth’s new book Owning Tomorrow hit the shelves on May 29th. Owning Tomorrow takes the lessons great disruptors have learned during their careers and turns them into practical exercises, tools, and techniques to help other senior executives develop their own disruptive skill sets. John also provides real-life stories of less-known business leaders who have successfully navigated their way to disruption to inspire and motivate readers of Owning Tomorrow. Anyone committed to continuous improvement and growth will find the ideas in Owning Tomorrow valuable for creating a future of abundant happiness and success.

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LGBTQ Workplace Research

From StartOut member Curtis Sparrer

Bospar, the boutique PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, has discovered that a majority of Americans (55%) have no preferences about whom they work with when it comes to sexual and gender expression. Bospar also discovered a trend that bucks conventional wisdom: the older Americans were, the more accepting they were of sexual and gender identity. According to their study, 75-year-olds and older were the age demographic most likely to not care about sexuality or gender expression of their colleagues (60%), followed by Generation X (35-54-years-old) at 59.3%.

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Crowdfund Launch 

From StartOut members Jordan Weiss & Rachel Kimelman

LGBTQutie is excited to announce the launch of the LGBTQutie Crowdfund with support from their partners at Atari. This means you can own shares in the LGBTQutie Social App. They are counting on participation from the LGBTQ community. Funds from this campaign will go toward increasing user growth, enhancing features on the app and contributing toward their mission of connecting LGBTQ people everywhere. Invest today and own a piece of the pie!

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Crispin Digital Partnership

From StartOut member Michael Volpatt

Larkin/Volpatt Communications and Crispin Digital have partnered to help businesses develop an overall messaging platform and conduct an analysis of the competitive media landscape. Together, the two companies are offering a new service that provides you with a competitive media review and a digital keyword analysis that are both used to drive overall messaging development. This insightful offering will get right to the heart of what makes your company different, defensible and disruptive.

Larkin/ Volpatt Communications tested this methodology with a StartOut affiliated company, Disent, and found that it was useful for both messaging development and creation of an investor deck.

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Thrive Natural Care

Amazon Partnership

From StartOut member Alex McIntosh

Amazon.com recently produced a video of the LGBTQ-led company Thrive Natural Care, and shared it with 566,000 employees and 90 million American customers. It chronicled Thrive’s Amazon revenue growth of 500% in 2017.

A San Francisco and Costa Rica-based company, Thrive Natural Care sells high-performance skincare for men, powered by regenerative plants. The unique regenerative farming model and inspiring partnership with rural women-led co-ops and farmers translated into a hit with Amazon customers. Buy yours today!

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