Mentorship: Entrepreneurial Karma

March 6, 2019 3:09 pm
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The relationship between mentor and mentee yields an array of experiences and meanings that can never be quantified. Oprah Winfrey said it best ” a mentor is someone who sees the light inside yourself.”

In our community of LGBTQ entrepreneurism, mentors empower and fuel one’s vision into a reality. Their inherent gifts of experience, knowledge and/or patience naturally facilitate the law of cause and effect to what can be best known as entrepreneurial karma.

Nadya Rousseau, Founder of Alter New Media brings this to life in her volunteer efforts as a StartOut mentor. “I work with a number of mentees that represent a number of different backgrounds and industries. My time as a mentor keeps me on my game which enables me to to apply those learnings to my own business”.

The LGBTQ professional community continues to face more hardships and obstacles than any other group of business professionals. It’s critical that you have someone that you can connect to. A mentor can offer hope and great promise.

Chris Sinton, Chair Emeritus at StartOut volunteers his valuable time as a mentor. Chris has worked at a number of Fortune 500 organizations and start-ups. Sinton shared “As a gay man coming up in the business world, I didn’t see people like me. I felt completely awkward. In time as I gained more experience and success, I had a desire to give back and help my community”.

As a mentor, Sinton states “I can see, feel and have a direct impact on someone’s life. The rewards are exponential.”

Rousseau takes pride in helping her mentees overcome their insecurities. “My mission is to contribute to their confidence and activate their business vision”.

Nadya empathizes in the struggle her mentees face with fundraising. “I share my past hardships and learnings in approaching investors. As a result, my mentees  internalize those experiences which often leads to authenticity and vulnerability in their style.” The experience and life lessons are invaluable whether one serves as a mentor or mentee.

Are you thinking about volunteering your time as a mentor? Sinton states “Stop thinking about doing it and do it!! You get back so much more than you receive.” The spirit of entrepreneurial karma.

Our LGBTQ entrepreneurial and founder community are in need of mentors. Your professional experience and knowledge can be used to make an invaluable connection if not a difference in someone’s life. To register as a mentor, click here