Stand up and be represented: StartOut LGBTQ Impact Survey

October 18, 2019 10:00 am
Written by: Benjamin Greenlea

To better support the queer community, StartOut has undertaken an effort to map the national LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Through the LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Impact Survey, StartOut will be working to identify any and all queer entrepreneurs. The data collected will be used to answer two of the organization’s longest running questions: how many members of the LGBTQ community choose to become entrepreneurs, and how are these entrepreneurs best supported?

Accurate data is an essential part of our decision making process. But what happens if critical data is lacking?

Unlike other diverse communities, there isn’t sufficient data to accurately estimate the size of the US LGBTQ entrepreneurial community. This knowledge gap leaves many of those working to support diverse entrepreneurs – investors, policy makers, etc. – with limited tools for aligning their offerings with the needs of queer-owned businesses. This represents major missed opportunities, both for the success of entrepreneurs and for our economy at large. Through the LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Impact Survey, StartOut is closing the knowledge gap.

By leveraging its network of advocates, StartOut hopes to attract any and all queer entrepreneurs to stand-up and be represented!

The 1-minute survey asks questions about demographics and entrepreneurial history. All information gathered will remain confidential. Data collected will be read in aggregate and used to support such efforts as the the StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index and StartOut’s programs for entrepreneurs.