Two-Dad Family Launches Kekoa Foods

November 28, 2018 12:20 am
Written by: StartOut

Meet David Fullner and Danny Auld, fathers and founders of Kekoa Foods.  Kekoa Foods is a new all-organic food company launching with four of its baby and toddler foods inspired by recipes they fed their own son.  Beginning life in a critical situation, their boy was born eight weeks premature to a surrogate in Honolulu, Hawaii. They gave him the middle name, Kekoa, Hawaiian for Brave Warrior, to inspire him to fight and overcome his obstacles.

As soon as he was able to eat solid foods, David introduced herbs, spices and less-oft found root vegetables both for nutritional value, but also to enhance their son’s palate and inspire his desire for savory, healthy options over empty-calorie, high-salt, high-sugar options.  On social media, they posted their creations, such as vegetable curry, which resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends and family.  Comments included how parents themselves would eat these pureed meals and wished they could find them in stores to buy for their children.  Motivated by this exciting reaction and their son’s resiliency, they decided to share these recipes with the world; and so, Kekoa Foods was born.

In addition, to providing their customers with responsibly-sourced, top-quality ingredients, David, Danny and Kekoa Foods proudly promote a philosophy of inclusive parenting across families in all their forms because parents should support one another on the challenging diverse journey of raising children.  Further, they want all children, especially those with limited access to healthy choices, to have access to their Kekoa Foods products.  As evidence of this, they launched the company last month with a one-month Kickstarter campaign.  Project backers could have their rewards sent to themselves, to friends or family, or David and Danny’s nearby YMCA in Newark, which houses almost 100 infants who will benefit from their Kekoa pouches.

Their Kickstarter Campaign successfully met its $25,000 pre-order goal and more than $10,000 worth of purchases will go to the families and children at the YMCA.  David and Danny are actively working to fill the orders of their 131 project backers.  Additionally, they are planning for a February full company product launch with all online distribution.  Baby and toddler product offerings will increase from four to nine by the end of 2019.  Then, they will expand to toddler snacks, foods for older children and adults, and beverage options such as probiotic, carbonated lemonade, another experimentation from their own kitchen.  For more about David, Danny and Kekoa Foods, follow their journey via their and social media.