Your Fight Is Our Fight

November 7, 2018 5:27 pm
Written by: Andres Wydler

The election is over, finally,… even though we may get a House more friendly to our community’s causes, the long term struggle for the economic empowerment of  LGBTQ entrepreneurs is as important as it was last week… that is, the enduring polarization of the United States will guarantee that entrepreneurs in wide swaths of our country will continue to be marginalized, and prevented from being powerful contributor to our society.

We are as determined as ever to protect and increase the impact of our entrepreneurs, created jobs and prosperity in all corners of the United States, and not give in to the threats and intimidation of vocal adversaries.  Every aspiring and current entrepreneur deserves to know that we all at StartOut have their backs!   With our joint engagement, we can irreversibly improve the state of LGBTQ entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Your fight is our fight.  Please join me today and make a tax deductible donation to StartOut, the leading national non-profit to support LGBTQ entrepreneurs.  With your generous support, we can do our work and counter the forces that want us out of their lives.

Thank you for your generosity,

Andres Wydler