The StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index

In June of 2019, StartOut announced the StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index, a joint research effort conducted by StartOut and Socos Labs, with the support of JP Morgan Chase & Co. On February 27, 2020, over two years of work have come to fruition and we launched the public beta of the SPEII. Based on millions of data points, this ground breaking initiative measures the contributions LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs make to the larger economy, and calculates the unrealized potential. Check it out here, and please provide us feedback during this beta period. Also, we want to make sure we include all out LGBTQ+ growth entrepreneurs.

The state of LGBTQ Entrepreneurship in the US

In 2016, StartOut completed “The State of LGBTQ Entrepreneurship in the U.S.” a research project that laid the foundation for the StartOut Pride Impact Index. While the LGBTQ community has gained representation and visibility in many fields in recent years, there is a lack of visibility on how our community functions within the overall economy. In the next decades, entrepreneurs and small business owners will create more than half of all new jobs, and the LGBTQ community will make up a powerful and dynamic subset of the aforementioned job creation. In this project, we’ve explored the motivations, migration patterns, and fundraising experiences of LGBTQ entrepreneurs of growth companies.

Jobs are Leaving “Discriminatory” States
Authenticity and Trust are Lacking in Key Relationships
Lesbian Entrepreneurs are at a Distinct Disadvantage
Top Areas of Investment for Investors