StartOut is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created with a view towards promoting equality and combating discrimination in the business world through economic empowerment. It is dedicated to creating great business leaders by fostering LGBT entrepreneurship.

As a catalyst for countless chain reactions, we work with our community to foster business success, pride, personal empowerment, and a shared purpose to give back and inspire the next generation of LGBT entrepreneurs. Our community has seen tremendous growth over the last five years. Now in its sixth year, the momentum continues: StartOut produces over 60 events nationwide to a growing network of 12,000+ entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and service providers.

We hope you’ll connect with our network and experience for yourself StartOut’s:

Education: workshops & panels to help entrepreneurs succeed in founding, funding, and growing their business ventures

Networking: an effective and impactful platform to share knowledge, skills, opportunities, funding, and jobs that benefit the entire LGBT community

Mentorship: whether as one-on-one matching, roundtable group sessions, or across the web, StartOut seeks to connect mentors with members of the LGBT community, providing support to help them build, fund and grow their businesses

Access to Capital: providing touch- points and platforms for LGBT entrepreneurs to connect with investors, including the emerging network of LGBT- focused funds and syndicates and ensuring all businesses have equal opportunities to succeed.

Inspiration: StartOut provides visibility to outstanding LGBT entrepreneurs, creating role models and inspiration for the next generation

Outreach: demonstrating the value of LGBT economic empowerment and diversity in business by bringing community conversations to a broad audience





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