Almost every LGBTQ entrepreneur has encountered unequal access to key resources needed to advance their business. In 2009, Joe DiPasquale, Bryan Janeczko, Darren Spedale, and Lorenzo Thione founded StartOut, an LGBTQ non-profit to promote LGBTQ equality and combat discrimination in the business world. Since then, StartOut has become a champion for the LGBTQ entrepreneurial community providing the resources entrepreneurs need to succeed, promoting the successes of our community, and researching the economic impacts of LGBTQ discrimination.

Board of Directors

  • Vivienne Ming
  • Chris Fraley
    Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Chris Sinton
    Secretary & Chair Emeritus
  • Alex Capecelatro
  • Charles Lorum
  • Chris Young
  • James Bain
  • Jody Michael
  • JT Batson
  • Lorenzo Thione
    Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus
  • Mary Shea
  • Meg Columbia-Walsh
  • Nick Hendra
  • Patrick Grosso
    Chair Emeritus
  • Sayan Gomel

Board of Advisors

  • Mike Sullivan
    Chair, Board of Advisors
  • Alex Greenbaum
  • Amy Errett
  • Anne Dorman
  • Bruce Kikuyama
  • Bryan Janeczko
  • Chip Conley
  • Chris Chin
  • Chris Davidson
  • Conor Madigan
  • Darren Spedale
    Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus
  • Dan Davis
  • David Blumberg
  • David Spitzer
  • Gabe Zichermann
  • James Rushing
  • Jared Delaney-Smith
  • Jim Sherman
  • Jory Sandusky
  • Len Lanzi
  • Marie Trexler
  • Mark Lacy
  • Michael Berl
  • Michael Witbrock
  • Mike Schultz
  • Nicole Dogwill
  • Patrick Chung
  • Scott E. Miller
  • Scott Thacker
  • Thomas Gaynor
  • Tom Burke
  • Wasim Ahmad


  • Andres Wydler
    Executive Director
  • Beth Houtrow
    Director of Operations
  • Sarah Burgaud
    Director of Programs
  • Tony Uceda
    Director of Development
  • Ian Brown
    Director of Community
  • Mario Villanueva
    Marketing Manager