About Us – LGBTQ Non-Profit Organization

Almost every LGBTQ entrepreneur has encountered unequal access to key resources needed to advance their business, including a lack of visible role models, difficulty locating mentors, or being denied access to capital. It was this context in 2009 that inspired Joe DiPasquale, Bryan Janeczko, Darren Spedale, and Lorenzo Thione to found StartOut, an LGBTQ non-profit organization created to promote LGBTQ equality and combat discrimination in the business world.

Since then, StartOut has become a champion for America’s LGBTQ entrepreneurial community. StartOut offers over 70 events to a nationwide network of 15,000 members with programs including networking, education, research and access to capital. With our new online platform, our LGBTQ training and services go beyond our six chapter cities to entrepreneurs throughout the nation and beyond. StartOut empowers a new community of leaders with economic resources and personal support to strengthen not only the entire LGBTQ community, but also the local communities in which we live.

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StartOut Founders from left to right: Joe DiPasquale, Lorenzo Thione, Bryan Janeczko, Darren Spedale


StartOut connects LGBTQ entrepreneurs to empower great leaders and businesses.

Learning, growing, sharing, and enriching your business is at the heart of StartOut’s mission. Our goal is to create jobs and prosperity for LGBTQ individuals and the local communities they contribute to, and to be recognized and respected for those efforts.

Our main programs are networking, access to capital, mentorship, and education. In our efforts, we are driven to inspire all LGBTQ entrepreneurs to achieve new heights.

Next Steps

StartOut is expanding our reach online to help ensure that every LGBTQ entrepreneur has a supportive environment to thrive in their industry and career. StartOut is significantly upgrading its tools and services to assist LGBTQ entrepreneurs in connecting directly with other like-minded professionals, service providers and LGBTQ groups online, in order to help their businesses succeed.

We count on you, our LGBTQ entrepreneurs and members, to spread the word, bring in other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs and their friends and allies, and engage with us. Numbers matter. And so will your engagement to create value for yourself and others.