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StartOut accelerates the growth of the LGBTQ+ community to drive its economic empowerment, building a world where every LGBTQ+ entrepreneur has equal access to lead, succeed, and shape the workforce of the future.


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We Believe

We believe empowering LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs can unlock untapped business and economic value and become an essential driver of inclusivity and social progress.

We will not rest until every LGBTQ+ entrepreneur has the support and the resources they need to fairly compete in today’s business world.

We know politics, cultural mores and quite frankly, ignorance put LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs at a significant disadvantage, leading to massive underrepresentation.

Whom We Serve

StartOut’s sole purpose is to help our LGBTQ+ members grow their businesses to lift up their communities. Our membership is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, identity, geographic location and industries. We connect our professionals to each other and support our community at the center.

What We Offer

Centered on its unparalleled community, StartOut enables LGBTQ+ founders with curated access to resources, expert support, and engagement to accelerate their ideas and businesses to grow, innovate, obtain financing, create jobs and give back to the communities that were instrumental in their success.

Join 26K StartOut members and connect with peer founders, investors, and business professionals to accelerate your growth.

To encourage allies and organizations to support our community, we are delivering the quantitative case why support not only matters, but benefits society at large.

We connect the LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs with diverse and accomplished industry professionals and mentors. They are dedicated to helping your business grow.

We developed a powerful online portal that connects founders with accredited investors, and developed our own accelerator program specifically designed to help your business gain traction, backing and confidence.

"One of the greatest strengths that StartOut has is our national appeal. Our founders, mentors, investors, and staff are spread out across the country and this allows us to connect with people in so many different situations."
Franck Marchis (he/him)
CSO and Co-Founder at Unistellar

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Since 2009, StartOut has built a community of over 26,000 members. Every year, we provide support to over 700 individual founders. We connect them to expertise, peers, community, and capital. This powerful combination of financial support, skills development, and community contributes to helping fuel innovation, wealth generation and equal access to economic opportunity. Join our growing community today.