StartOut Equity Summit

Thursday, June 15th

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We are excited to present the 4th Annual StartOut Equity Summit, a virtual event that will focus on ways for underestimated entrepreneurs to thrive across geographies and industries regardless of their background.

The Summit is envisioned as an environment for dialogue and action where every participant is prepared to share insights, reflect on experiences, and be prepared to pose new questions and reframe old answers.

The Equity Summit’s programming will begin at 8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT and end by 2:00 pm PDT / 5:00 pm EDT, with networking opportunities immediately following.

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The 4th Annual StartOut Equity Summit will be held virtually on the Accelevents platform.

Registrants will receive unique links to join within 24 hours of the event. You’ll have the opportunity to create a profile in advance of the event, craft your summit schedule, and there will be opportunities to network and meet with one another within the event platform. Email with any questions.

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  • 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET - Welcome & Introductions
  • 8:15 AM PT / 11:15 AM ET - Keynote Fireside Presentation
  • 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET - Session Block 1
  • 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET - Session Block 2
  • 10:45 AM PT / 1:45 PM ET - Lunch & Networking
  • 11:30 AM PT / 2:30 PM ET - Session Block 3
  • 12:15 PM PT / 3:15pm ET - Break
  • 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET - Session Block 4
  • 1:15 PM PT / 4:15 PM ET - Closing Statements
  • 1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET - Virtual Afterparty & Networking

Keynote Speaker

Melissa Bradley (she/her)
Founder & General Partner, 1863 Ventures

Melissa L. Bradley is a tri-sector leader and Managing Partner at 1863 Ventures with more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, investment and leadership experience. She is an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where she teaches impact investing, social entrepreneurship, P2P economies and innovation. Melissa has served as a Presidential Appointee under Presidents Clinton and Obama. Under Clinton, Melissa served as Financial Regulatory Affairs Fellow at the Department of Treasury, Office of Thrift Supervision, where she researched the impact of welfare reform and micro-enterprise lending on the financial industry and authored “IDA Strategy for Asset Accumulation”.


Block 1: 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

Product and UX Best Practices for Startups

This panel will discuss techniques and methods to design your product or service with users in mind to drive engagement and usability.

Make an Accelerator Work for You

Hear from leaders who run accelerators as well as from founders who have gone through accelerators.

Grant Funding for Founders and For-Profit Businesses

Join a panel of grant funders and recipients as they share best practices on how to research and secure funding for your venture.

Entrepreneurship 101: Building from Your Idea

Learn the language of entrepreneurship with helpful insights on how to pick up the terminology and processes that will help you thrive.

Block 2: 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

Overcoming Access to Capital Barriers

Join our partners from JP Morgan Chase, entrepreneurs, and investors as they discuss how to address limiting factors to capital and offer pathways to success for all entrepreneurs.

Equitable Dialogue in AI/Machine Learning

We'll discuss the importance of using representative data, storytelling that celebrates all identities, and dismantling oppressive systems when creating digital tools

Building Inclusive Boards

Learn how to create boards that are representative of the market you want to work with are critical to making sure you think about your consumers beyond a focus group.

Diversifying Your Deal-flow

In this session, we will explore the importance of diversifying deal flow to include traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurs, how to enter the market, and why it matters.

Block 3: 11:30AM PT / 2:30PM ET

Exploring Markets from a Data-Driven Mindset

Leveraging private markets data, JPMorgan Chase’s research and its broad client base, will discuss the macro environment and how it is impacting private markets

100 hours a week + lack of self-care = Burnout

This work is exciting and transformative but also exhausting. Founders who have burned out and healed from it will share their strategies to avoid burnout again.

Marketing Techniques to Attract Customers and Investors

Join our panel of storytellers to highlight the marketing tools and strategies they use to increase customers and bring in investors.

Making Equity a Culture Essential

Learn from a panel of marketing, HR, and member engagement professionals on how they have leveraged equity and inclusion in their organizations leading to higher ROI and team satisfaction.

Block 4: 12:30PM PT / 3:30PM ET

Mentorship & Reciprocal Growth

Learn why the most successful mentor-mentee relationships showcase reciprocal growth and yield the most meaningful results. You'll hear directly from a few pairs of mentor-mentees as well as two Mentorship Program Managers.

Changing the VC Landscape to Better Support Underrepresented Founders

Industry experts and advocates will explore the unique challenges and opportunities facing underrepresented investors in the current landscape.

Earning Trust: Intersections of Privacy, Data, and LGBTQ+ Safety

Our expert panel will delve into the challenges and opportunities for using technology to protect the privacy and safety of LGBTQ individuals in today's digital world.

Best Practices for a Diverse, Remote Workforce

Join our panel of founders who lead remote companies that are successful because of their focus on equity and accessibility.

Meet Our Speakers

Lolita Taub (she/her)

Ganas Ventures

Jonathan Mentor (he/him)


Aaron Blumenthal (he/him)

500 Global

Maryam Haque

Venture Forward

Brittany S Hale (she/her)


Gary Goldman (he/him)

Out In Tech

Mariela Salas (she/her/ella)

Latinx VC

Glen Chua (he/him)

OpenTree Education

Thomas Igeme (he/him)

TL Partners

Spectra Asala (they/them)

B-Side Ventures

Ashley Wilson (she/they)


Corina Hierro (she/her)


Aydian Dowling (he/him)


Milena Berry (she/her)


Paige Hendrix Buckner (she/her)

All Raise

Stella Lee (she/her)

Paradox Learning

Nima Boscarino (they/he)

Hugging Face

Kelly McDonald (she/her)

Kyndoo &

Luke Lennon (they/he)

Visible Hands

Skye King (she/her)


Jonathan Ochart (he/him)

The Postcard Agency

Lauren Thomas Ewing (she/her)


Dominique Reese (she/her)

Plug and Play Tech Center

Jason Rae (he/him)


Romica Devi Prasad (she/her)

Romica Devi Coaching

Leigh Honeywell (she/her)

Tall Poppy

Kristen Brillantes (she/her)


Sarah Millar (she/her)

Diversity VC

Ben Brooks (he/him)


Cecilia Fischer-Benitez (she/her)

Latinas in Tech

Daniel Hernandez (he/him)

NextLevel Law

Madilynn Beck (she/her)

The Better Spot

Alex Tanner (she/her)

Central Garden and Pet

Elizabeth Gore (she/her)

Hello Alice

Andrew Jackson (he/him)


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